Baked bread an ancient peasant recipe

pane cotto

pane cotto

Baked bread an ancient peasant recipe ( in italiano: Pane cotto una antica ricetta contadina) from Lucania, now the ancient flavors and smells of our land are being rediscovered. Before, nothing was wasted, especially the bread that was sweaty as it was made with the flour of the wheat that was grown. A loaf of bread also lasted 15 days and when it became hard, the baked bread was made, there are various versions and they always depended on the period in which it was made, and the vegetables available, what I like most is the bread baked with the tops of courgettes and small courgettes. A kilogram of courgette tops that are washed well under running water and then take only the tenderest part, cut the courgettes into pieces, Lucanian olive oil extra virgin Lucanian, slices of bread, garlic and chilli pepper. And a good bottle of Aglianico wine

Put the tops and courgettes to boil in the water and when they are ready, drain them, do not boil them very much otherwise the more delicate parts go away with water, dip the slices of bread in the water where the vegetables were boiled for ten seconds and place the wet bread on the plate, in a pan fry oil with garlic cut into pieces and add the tops and courgettes, the whole chilli pepper, sauté well and season the previously wet bread with it. An ancient flavor but with a current taste.

Enjoy your meal with Uncle Penkoleo

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